Another letter to Biden (on Gaza)


Dear President Biden,

Please stop giving speeches claiming to care about civilians and then providing every means to slaughter them in vast numbers. This could be shut down instantly but the will is clearly to do the opposite.

I don’t understand your love for a genocidal maniac who has been Oct 7th’ing the Palestinians every week since Oct 7th. That love is not shared by the rest of the world. And if the situation in Gaza wasn’t so heartbreakingly sad and desperate, it would be almost amusing to watch you and your Western partners humiliating yourselves trying to justify and validate the slaughter of innocent civilians in your desperate attempts to accommodate an inhuman Zionist narrative.

It has become a truly pathetic spectacle, and I do not think anything short of a full about face and a cessation of arms shipments until Netanyahu complies with a ceasefire will change your future political situation.

In the meantime, please spare us the embarrassment of talking about values and democracy while defending and justifying a genocide and arming a clearly completely deranged Israeli administration. It is truly shameful what you have done and what you are still doing. Please stop.

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