Letter to Biden on Gaza

There is no kind way to say this – what can be said to a President who people had hope for but who has sold off his humanity and sacrificed so many innocent lives for geopolitical goals.

With the recent commemoration of the holocaust, there seems to be a complete disconnect between that horrific past event and our horrific present. It would seem that your conscience as a nation is completely absent when war crimes and genocidal level events happen before your eyes, under your watch, in your time, and on your dime, and with your approval and support.

You veto UN resolutions that could stop a completely unwarranted slaughter, you dismiss international rulings, you shut down humanitarian organizations, you unfortunately repeat and amplify Israeli lies. You seem to be actively participating in the slaughter of the Palestinian people.

But you cannot build anything worthwhile on a policy of oppression, mass slaughter, ethnic cleansing, genocide, and one-sided unbalanced policy. Your government’s support for Israeli crimes is transmitted hour by hour around the world.

People around the world had hope in you at the beginning of your Presidency – now we feel nothing but betrayal and horror at what you are supporting.

Among the ruins of Gaza with untold members of its civilian inhabitants buried in its rubble, this war has the moral qualities of the worst of crimes.

If the attack on Gaza and Rafah and the expulsion of the people trapped there continues, we will know with complete certainty that your aim was always to allow this genocide and ethnic cleansing to go ahead.

Suspend arms transfers to Israel. Do not allow any further attacks, do not allow any more forced evacuations. Stop only talking about concerns and take action.

It is now the 11th hour. The world is waiting to see if you have the heart to act justly and with humanity or if you are just a con man, endlessly shilling for Netanyahu.

We will know soon enough.


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